Check. Check. Check.

For those of you who don’t know or fully understand how OCD works I will explain. OCD manifests itself in thoughts first and it’s these thoughts that cause the compulsions. For example, the thought or rather concern that the door is unlocked and someone may break in might cross your mind. Most people would be able to dismiss this thought with confidence, knowing that the door is locked, but for people with OCD this is much harder to do. Their brain latches on to this thought and replays it over and over creating anxiety, so they go and check the door just to be sure that it is indeed locked. It is so, they go back to whatever it is they were doing, but the thought comes back, like a boomerang it circles around again, almost like a vulture. They again become anxious to the point where they need to check the door again, and the cycle continues. This may seem like a small problem, however we must remember that at some point this person will need to leave their house, and the thoughts don’t just go away at this point, they may even become stronger, leaving the person to either deal with the extreme anxiety, making it difficult to leave their house, or in extreme cases impossible. And what’s more is that people with OCD typically struggle with a wide array of these, what are called, intrusive thoughts. These thoughts are all compounded and all take up their own individual time. They also take up space in your mind as well. The intrusive thoughts jumble concentration and play tricks on you and even target your worst fears. Lastly, it is important to remember that OCD is only diagnosed when it interferes with daily functioning, for example when you’re regularly late for school or when your grades are slipping because you don’t have time for homework or even worse your fired from your job due to OCD’s interference.

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